Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Occidental at Xcaret All-Inclusive Resort
“This trip to Mexico was simply amazing.  By booking us at the Xcaret resort, we were all happy all of the time.  That never happens.  What is so wonderful about this gorgeous resort is that it is joined to the Xcaret resort so you can come and go at your leisure.  We had a blast!  I can’t wait to go back.  My husband and I were able to visit all of the ruins as safe taxis run regularly out of the resort.  All extra excursions can be booked right there.  There is an adorable little boat that will take you to the different stops you need to go within the resort.  My niece loved all of the restaurants as there were such a wide variety of choices.  I liked the one that sat out over the water as it was not only delicious , but visually stunning.  I could’ve eaten there every meal every day, but enjoyed all of them with the family.  It was difficult for us to get my 6 year old niece out of the pool with the water fall.  She would swim under it and get her virgin pina colada and head for the center of the pool to float with it.  Paradise!  It really was.  As we’d float in the water, gorgeous parrots would fly all around.  It was stunning!  One wouldn’t even need to go to the actual ruins as Xcaret is built on one and they have preserved it for tourists in the resort. All of the history of Mexico is displayed in one way or another at the resort.  My great niece got a better education in our 10 day vacation then she did in a whole year of school.   It is the safest, most beautiful and most fun vacation any one could have and I can’t thank you enough for organizing it.  My husband, who is not normally a fan of Mexico, had the best time he’d ever had.  The all-inclusive piece fit him to a tee.  You have become so expert at providing us with exactly what we both want and need and are always looking out for our pocket books.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate you and to let you know you are the best.  Here are a few photos of us enjoying what you made possible!”

Long Beach, CA